Our Story

His Story

The first time I met Cambria, my heart felt something I had never felt before. From the start, her beauty, smile, bubbily nature, and captivating presence held my attention like none other. Our paths intertwined through various events, orchestrated, in hindsight, by God. Or friendship grew, and admits the delicate dance between friendship and romance, I finally had a moment to take the leap and ask her out on a date.

On our first date, in the mountains, amidst a blizzard, I saw Cambria's unwavering spirit and her ability to turn any adversity into an adventure. As we dated I learned about the big heart she has for all of God's creation, and the care she shows others. And then, from hiking trails and camping trips, to attending conventions, dressing up, and relaxing with TV and games, we fell deeply in love. In her, I found not only a best friend, but a soulmate who shares my values, passions, and aspirations.

Knowing she was the one, I planned a special proposal, crafting a ring with a deep meaning and delicately engineering a scavenger hunt (and story) that lead her to me, waiting on one knee in the mountains. She said "YES!", and now, hand in hand, we are prepared to embrace life's joys and challenges, forever bound by our commitment and promise to love one another.

Her Story

When I first met Seth, I was immediately intrigued. "Wow, he has so many layers to his personality!" I thought. As I got to know those layers of him, more and more, I realized what a blessing it was that I met him and that I didn't want to let him go. I texted him every day and almost always replied as soon as possible (and if you know me, that's a big deal). After a nervous (but so cute) conversation where we confessed our feelings for one another, we spent the next three months as strictly friends. It was a deliberate -- but challenging -- choice to make sure we didn't just leap into dating, and I'm so glad we did!

Crazy (but perfect for us) weather has always made a special appearance on our dates, from an unexpected blizzard on our first date to a super windy evening the night he proposed. Yet, each date has been adventurous, romantic, and special. I love surprising Seth with dates as well as enjoying the ones he has crafted for us.

Thank God that He has led us to one another. I can't wait to spend every day with Seth and to go on many more adventures!